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Who are the key entrepreneurs behind ACM Business Solution Inc. and VIP PAYMENT CENTER? ACM is actually the initials of the founders and key officers of the company:

A is for Almilla, or Jose D. Almilla Jr. – the Chief Operation Officer of ACM.

A mentor and a motivator, with more than 
a decade of impressive record in handling 
and cultivating successful network 
marketing leaders. Originated in Caloocan 
City as a business owner and managed to 
build a reputation of a straightforward 
“NETWORK BUILDER” leadership and 
network business ethics.


C is for Chico, or Rico Fernando M. Chico – the Chief Technological Officer of ACM.


A technologically inclined person, with more than a decade of experience in handling complex system planning and integrations for broadcasting and other platforms for ABS-CBN Corporation and others. Originated in Manila and now seeing expanding the reach of the company to worldwide

M is for Malimban, or Melvin S. Malimban – the Chief Financial Officer of ACM.  

Started a career in ABS-CBN Corporation from 2005 – 2014. Since then, this entrepreneur has pioneered the company's idea to what it is now. An only child from the Malimban family from Batangas City and now more dedicated to building a stable and impressive business model and entity.


VIP PAYMENT CENTER: A Leading Payment Center Franchise Opportunity

VIP PAYMENT CENTER is growing to become one of the country’s most popular home-based or store-based Payment Center solution provider. Barangay Banking is the main campaign of ACM Business Solutions INC. – the company behind VIP PAYMENT CENTER.


The company is focused on helping to educate and permanently reduce the 77% unbanked and unserved sector in the Philippines. They do so by bringing financial services like EMI Products or Bank Products closer to the community.

ACM’s Payment Center Business provides a powerful platform that can help communities to ease their access to the remittances market and payment of bills. ACM’s mission is to place 42,000 VIP Payment Center branches nationwide over the next 5 years.

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